On what might go on happening tonight:

  • the undead might start partying. Beware of crossroads, graveyards and of the woods;
  • the demons and the demonical are throwing a ball themselves, accompanied by witches and warlocks. Avoid crossroads, the woods and derelict churches, to all costs;
  • your neighbors might be rubbing their bodies, doors and gates with garlic, in order to keep spirits at bay – you’d better start doing it too;
  • the strigoi will be stealing the milk, sucking the blood of cows, returning to their (still) living families to take one of their kin to the land of the dead;
  • the moroi buried underneath a home  might be rising from their graves into the the attic, where they may wreck havoc;
  • young women will put some basil under their pillow so they might get a chance ar dreaming their future spouse. They might also place a ring in a water filled glass, placed in ashes and put a candle to the right of the glass and another to the left. After lighting them, a reflection of their future spouse should become visible in the ring;
  • witches get ready to meet their otherworldly lovers, friends and foes by drinking concoctions and rubbing their bodies with henbane, datura or deadly nightshade.

It’s the 29th of November and tonight the feeble border between worlds might just disappear.

Stealing the Harvest

So, this is also from Olinescu‘s book on folklore. I’m already under the impression that I am abusing these resources.

Legend has it that the Devil made allies out of old witches in order to usurp creation. Among the means the witches found to sabotage God-fearing Christians was stealing their harvest.

Basically, in order to do that, a witch needs a few bad eggs, a roll, a red string, a bridle, a whip, a small sack of basil, wax and camel butter. Around midnight, she has to take all these ingredients to the field that was going to be harvested. She has to first bury two bad eggs and bless them with luck. She then ties the small sack to her right ankle, mounts the roll, loosens her hair and gets half naked. She has to whip the roll and run along the field saying : “From old man (name of the owner) to me.” twelve times. After she’s done with that she turns to the west and chants a spell.

She then gets dressed and heads home where she hides the roll in her wheat field. For this spell to be effective, it is very important for the witch not to say a word to anyone she might meet on her way back.