Magical Plants & Herbs in Romanian Folklore: Vincetoxicum hirundinaria or Iarba Fiarelor

iarbafiarelorAccording to Butură, Iarba Fiarelor was used as medicine against wounds and rheumatic pain. However, the most interesting documented use of this particular plant is the mythical one : apparently Vincetoxicum hirundinaria was thought to possess the power to open all locks, doors and coughs, and break any object built out of iron ( in Romanian, fier = iron). It was said it glowed red during the nigh, but came back to its normal color after sunrise.

Evseev mentions that the plant was known to be toxic; it was said that if cows accidently ingered it, they died. Besides glowing red at night, Iarba Fiarelor had other supernatural properties that could help one distinguish it from useless weeds. For example, it could float against the current. It was said that the origin of the plant was in the first drop of blood that fell from the navel of Christ.

Voronca also mentions Vincetoxicum hirundinaria in her chapter on thieves, among other things. It was thought that, in order to gain protection, thieves used to kidnap pregnant women, rip their babies out to drink up the blood and eat the flesh of the unborn. Moreover, in order to remain stealthy when robbing the victim, they would bring the hand or finger of a dead man with them and ritualistically circle the victim’s house while carrying the fetish.

These connections between thievery and the dead are to be analysed later, in another post.