Magical Outcast

I was thinking these days of man’s need to find a moral justification for his own deeds. It is the very thing that divided magical arts between “high magic” and “low magic”, starting with the clear distinction between θεουργία and γοητεία  enforced by Neoplatonists, such as Iamblichus or Plotinus and continuing tot the present day with white magic, green magic, blue magic with fuchsia dots and so forth.

While so far things have been about “my magic is more moral than your magic”, they now seem to be about “my magic is more intellectual/quantic/scientific than your magic”. There are countless forums dedicated to the occult with thousands of people trying to figure out how  these things work, instead of actually practicing or at least trying to figure out what suits them best. Sure, I wouldn’t advise anyone to blindly expose themselves to forces they know nothing about. What I am talking about is the “intellectualization” of the Arts.  Many of those interested somehow try to fit their practice into the modern system of thought, in order to justify it.

For a practitioner, there is nothing worse than justification. It basically nullifies all of their efforts. It is as pointless as justifying your requests concerning the profane right in the middle of the rite.

Ask yourselves: where is magic the most potent? Is it not slums? Is it not forgotten villages? Is it not the so-called third world countries?

Is it not for the witch with burning eyes? For the father whose child is  dying of tuberculosis? For the sister whose brother is going to prison? For the old man losing his calf to some mysterious disease?

Magic likes the smell of the gutter more then the smell of that expensive incense you just bought from e-bay. It thrives in the scent of stale blood, sweat and wine. It grows best when watered with tears.