The Tower

tower-smallIf there is one Tarot card that represents the acausal, the primeval light, the light without thought that strikes creation, it is the Tower. Called “The House of God” in the Marseilles Tarot, it depicts a brick tower struck by lightning, Two men are falling, barely touching the ground with their hands.

Chromatically, it is most interesting to notice a few aspects. First, the tower has the same color as flesh. It stands as a symbol of the clay we yearn to free our souls from. The lightning bolt is colored in red and yellow. It stands for blood and light, true life and not the illusion we are forced to live in. The  men are wearing red and blue garments, a union between passion and reason, but lacking spirit.

The Tower is about beheading the Ego. It is a test which only the strong in spirit will survive, This card is a very painful one to live, but the most rewarding experience a seeker could get.