Magical dance from Romania with pagan origins.  The dancers take an oath to secrecy and participate in an initiation. Their dances seem to have an apotropaic function against the charms of the Iele, malevolent female nature spirits. They can also mend the evil done by the Iele and cure other disease, just by dancing around the sick.


calusari costume-calusari Nicolae_Ionescu_-_The_Căluşari_from_Vlaşca_at_Moşilor_Fair

2 comments on “Căluşari

  1. […] ever since Antiquity. In Romanian folklore, Pelin  was commonly associated with the dance of Căluşari. The dancers would wear Pelin plants around their […]

  2. […] to Butură, the Căluşari would use hazel wood to craft their banner. In some areas, gypsies, widely associated with […]

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